YES TV 2017


More colors. More vibrancies. More TV shows. More life. More energy.


In 2014, YES TV was the result of a major brand overhaul that caught the eyes of Canada. It was electric. It was snappy. It was relevant. And oh was it green. But like any brand, continual growth is part of YES TV. 

The result — is the freshest YES TV visual language yet.




new tagline

YES TV has always been about positivity. Having a wholesome, optimistic outlook on life. Always looking forward to what's real, what's good, and what's real good. Aiming for the best. An advocate for TV programming that is uplifting, harmless, yet daring. Moreover, it also speaks for the tenacity and vigor of YES TV as a company, as a brand: that it will always grow and get better, and it hasn't even scratched the surface. The best is truly yes to come.

new typography

Going bold! YES TV’s refreshed visual language revolves around the slant of the Y in the YES TV logo, yet includes other bold vibrancies, planes, transitions, and more – all these elements are glued together by the new typeface. Though very derivative of the previous type, it has a more even and geometric aesthetic that became imperative in counter-balancing the very slant oriented, funky, and colorful refreshed look of the brand.

out of home.

yet so at home.

The rollout of the brand new OOH ads for YES TV was nothing short of eccentric. Though at first quite peculiar to the eyes that have been used to the cool, monotone style of the previous brand identity, it was ultimately met with an exhilarating and an affirmative reception. This bolder approach in advertising amplifies the cheeky taglines that YES is known for. The YES TV brand refresh brought together the unique, the jarring, the vivid, the muted, the playful, the static, and made it very unpretentious, familiar, and homely. People felt at home, and that for us is a home run.


The motion graphic style of the new YES boasts an elevated iteration of 2014's rebrand. Though it carries over a lot of the 2014's snappy and slide-driven nature, It's more complex – yet it seems simpler. It's got a lot of colour, yet balanced. It's slanted, yet not crooked. It's definitely moving – and driven by the slant that is the carpet under the new YES style, it's going nowhere but forward.

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